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Prada Uses Curvier Models for Autumn-Winter 2010

February 28, 2010 / 0 Comments

Prada created a bit of a stir recently by including curvier models in her Autumn-Winter 2010 runway show in Milan.  Apparently, the skinner models who were slated to walk the show were swapped at the last minute for a bevy of their more shapely sisters.

“It takes a clear mind,” writes Sarah Mower in her review of the show for, “to figure out what women want, and what we’re lacking. And, far more radically, to address aspects of the system that have been (to say the least) annoying the hell out of many.”  Miuccia Prada did just that by employing models  Doutzen Kroes, Catherine McNeil, Lara Stone, and Miranda Kerr — among others– “young women,” adds Mower, “whose relatively curvaceous beauty has generally exempted them from being cast as exemplars of female gorgeousness on runways such as Prada’s for the past few years.”

Much of the show had a real 60s vibe, Mower describes, with the models’ hair done up in beehive styles and the clothing a throwback tip-of-the-hat to womanly wiles.

“If it’s the possession of breasts that’s been bothering model-casting agents for the past few years,” writes Mower, “this collection was a nightmare scenario for them. The ample bust was the unavoidable focal point of the silhouette, picked out in balconies of lace ruffles and upstanding pointy-bra formations on raised-waist, wide-skirted dresses and coats. Any girl on the runway who didn’t have the natural Bardot-esque equipment was bestowed with it by means of frothy fabric placements, but the eye naturally migrated to the ones who did.”

We agree with Sarah Mower that it’s refreshing that Prada sees her designs “being worn by women other than the zombie army of teen models that has roamed her runway recently.”

Here are a few of our favourite looks from the show:

To read Sarah Mower’s review, visit:

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