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Get Down with the Thickness!

May 26, 2010 / 0 Comments

We’re loving the latest issue of Iconography Magazine which they’ve named “The Thickest Issue Ever.”

It’s a special themed issue chock full of plus size fashion and players in the plus size fashion industry.

“This issue of Iconography couldn’t have come at a better time,” writes contributor Poet Taylor. “I can finally show my niece and her friends that beauty comes in every shape and size and there is no one prototype for beauty…. We are models, actresses, TV/radio broadcasters, platinum selling artists too, and the list goes on.”

The Thickest Issue includes interviews with actress and comedienne, Erica Watson, as well as with cuvy model Liris Crosse (who has personally coined the term “thique-ness”).  It features various plus size designers, reports on runway shows and several lovely fashion spreads.

To see more of this fab magazine, visit:

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