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Shamanic Chic

September 3, 2010 / 0 Comments

Zoë is my good friend and former downstairs neighbour. I have always been fascinated by her profession. And she has great taste in fashion (wink wink!)


Looking good for work is important to most women, whether we’re slim or curvaceous. In my work, however, it’s particularly important to look right– mostly because it would be really easy to look wrong!

What do I do? I’m a shamanic practitioner here in London.

Core Shamanism – also called Western shamanism – is a passion that I’ve been working with now for nearly 12 years. Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual practice: our cave-dwelling ancestors handed it down to us, and even today it is the heritage of almost everyone on the planet. As a practitioner, I have one-to-one clients and also teach courses to a wide range of people, so I need garments that look good without being either too formal and business-like, or too floaty and “New Age”! Teaching groups involves a lot of moving around: lying down, drumming, rattling and even a bit of dancing! It’s not easy to find the happy medium of clothes that are stylish, comfortable and suit the job!

Luckily, Anna is both a neighbour and friend and so I’ve been fortunate in having her advice (she can’t stand fleece!) and access to her great studio sales. I particularly like the garments that have a formal shape but great detail, like this favourite that I’m wearing in the black and white photos [above]. (And yes, that is Anna sitting behind me on the left!) The revealing vest is by also by Anna (she likes a woman to show off her assets!). The winter coat [below] is unique– a reconstructed vintage garment with felted sleeves and panel designed and made by my good friend, designer Faith Tilleray, from patterns cut by Stefanie, Anna’s wonderful pattern maker.

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