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More Ver-Saatchi than Versace

September 16, 2010 / 0 Comments

We’re a little undecided here at Anna Scholz about whether the meat dress (allegedly it’s bona fide cow carcass) Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards last week is art or just plain offal.

I mean, we’ve heard of skirt steak but never a body con beef dress…and she managed to find a hat, shoes and bag (or should we say carrion?) to match!

After the award ceremony, Gaga said the dress was open to “many interpretations,” including- she offered- a statement about the US military’s attitude to homosexuals.

At any rate,  she certainly brought home the bacon that night by snagging several VMAs.

What do you think of her outfit? Grade-A or gross?

To read more interpretations of Gaga’s look, click here.

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