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Blogger Event in ‘Gay Paree’

October 21, 2010 / 1 Comment

Anna and Cliff made a whirlwind visit to Paris at the weekend to say hi to a whole bunch of fabulous French fashion bloggers. They had the opportunity to present the annascholz brand and philosophy to a relatively new market for us. They also got the chance to hear what  our followers in France would like from us. The best bit, as always, was showing off the wonderful collection and seeing the great time all the ladies had trying the clothes on.

The event was a lot of fun and so well organised by the very lovely Thibault Masson from ma-grande-taille. Keep an eye out as they are about to launch a UK version of the online magazine.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out how many bloggers there are in France and how many of them made it to the event.

They had a great time chatting to everyone and the atmosphere was very lively. Anna finally got to say hello to France TV star Laurence Boccolini who appears on national TV, airs on daily national radio , writes a fashion bible for plus-size women and also has her own blog, Blogolini

Author and actor Stephanie Zwicky of  le blog de big beauty , who recently came to visit us in London, was there along with a whole host of really wonderful people.

These are some of the other bloggers we met. Please check out their blogs and say a big hello to them from the UK.  They will really appreciate it.

Lisa Gallay, Mondeuses Rondes

Estelle, ChaCha

Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio, lespitreriesdevanoue

Nathalie Da Silva, feetuxette

Letizia Gosselin, letilor

Marie Bauzon, monage28

Laurence Boccolini, blogolini

Sihem Ih Sawsan, sawsan

Marjolaine, fringhalles

Charlotte from Simply Be attended as well as Andrew from Yours Clothing. It was very interesting for us to hear their presentations and to get the chance to swap notes with other companies.

All in all it was an exhausting day but a very worthwhile experience.

Thank you Thibault and Au Revoir Paris !

Anna and Stephanie Zwicky looking gorgeous

The lovely Laurence Bocollini and the equally lovely Thibault Masson with Cliff

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