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McQueen of the Road?

November 5, 2010 / 0 Comments

The Alexander McQueen fashion house was sued recently by the Hells Angels for using the motorcycle gang’s trademarked winged death’s head symbol in some of its designs.

The disputed merchandise includes a $495 knuckle duster ring, a $2,329 clutch, a $1,595 dress and a $560 silk scarf.

The Hell Angels’ attorney, Fritz Clapp, explained that the Angels consider their symbols to be “quite exclusive” and earned through membership, not by money alone.  The HAMC [Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation] have owned the rights to the death’s head symbol since 1948.  Clapp reported that the companies selling the McQueen designs in question have agreed to stop selling and to recall the merchandise.

“While the Hells Angels also requested financial damages based on profits earned by the fashion companies on the merchandise,” said Clapp, “there is currently no estimate on the exact number of items that were sold.”

Apparently, discussions are being held about the possibility of destroying the remaining merchandise.

Seems a bit of a shame, doesn’t it? Rather than destroying all those amazing designer pieces, don’t you think the McQueen house should just give them to the Hell’s Angels? I mean, what more fabulous way to keep the wind out of your hair as you peel down the two-lane blacktop on your custom hog than a silk death’s head scarf. You’d be the envy of everyone at the rally if you showed up in leather chaps with a McQueen clutch. Incidents of violence and damage to establishments of refreshment would decrease as no one would want to ding their McQueen knuckle duster in a brawl. Only good things could come of this exchange. Surely the Angels’ old ladies would also appreciate representing their chapters in style. Problem solved!

What do you think?

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