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Hot Gossip on the Streets: Beth Ditto’s Upcoming Memoir

January 15, 2011 / 0 Comments

We’re very excited about Beth Ditto’s upcoming autobiography, Coal to Diamonds, which is  expected to hit shelves in the autumn of 2011. She’s has a debut solo album due out soon too!

Beth is the super-cool front woman for The Gossip and the idol of plus-size women everywhere!  She is talented, intelligent, original and fearless with fashion!

“As a 5 foot, 15 stone gay singer, Beth was never going to be ignored,” describes an introductory blurb on, “but her talent plus her exuberant opinions have made her a heroine for the alternative music scene.”

Beth recently gave her fans this little teaser about her new book: “My life was supposed to be simple and non-negotiable: birth, church, work, marriage, kids, death. But along the way something happened. Coal Into Diamonds is my story – growing up feeling like you are on the margins of society and struggling to find your place. My memoir talks directly to disenfranchised, misunderstood kids everywhere.”

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