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Emma’s Highlights of Anna’s Spring-Summer 2011 Collection

March 28, 2011 / 7 Comments

Our friend Emma is having an Anna Scholz Week on her fashion blog, Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Every day this week, she will review different pieces from Anna’s Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Emma has great personal style and it’s always fun to see what Anna’s clothes look like on her and what pieces she favours.

Today, she highlighted the khaki Utility Button Dress from Anna’s Black Label collection.

“The Black Label Utility Button Dress by Anna Scholz is like a floaty dream,” Emma writes. “The fabric feels parachutey – it is light, airy and completely soft. It has a high-waisted tie, which nips the dress in, emphasising a high-waist and the yellow piping is a really elegant touch. Under the waist, the dress falls in an A-line and with very subtle side pleating which compliments the curve of your hip.”

“Of all the garments I tried for this Anna Scholz week, this was my photographer/boyfriend’s favorite outfit. You can see it looks natural and really summery… despite my wearing a double layer, it is also VERY light. … I paired this dress with the Black Label Lime Coloured Silk Cotton Fitted Shrug, inspired by how good this looks on the Anna Scholz site. This shrug fit me like a dream. … The silk cotton feels GORGEOUS on the skin and is VERY light. This shrug, with its long sleeves will be no problem in summer. It affords excellent coverage but is breathable and feels more like you’re wearing air, than fabric!”

“To be honest, this clothing combination is a little different for me. I wear prints, but rarely try colour combinations with such a light emphasis. This pairing looks great online and I think really works on my figure as well as my skin and hair. … I love this as a dress for the season and think it pairs perfectly with the shrug.”

Emma looks great in the Stretch Tailoring Cut-Out Dress as well.

Tune into Emma’s blog, all this week for her reviews of Anna’s latest collection.

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