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How Are You Feel-ine?

May 29, 2011 / 0 Comments

OK, anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite a cat person. Yes, I am way into the furry little four-legged felines (as my poor over-smooched kitties at home can attest). So this new Japanese (natch!) accessory has my tail all a-twitch.

The company Neurowear has introduced a head band with cat ears that move and wiggle along with your various emotions and moods as the contraption reads your brainwaves through neuro-communicative technology. That’s right!

In the promotional video, a model displays how the ears stand up when you concentrate and lie flat when you relax (a chocolate doughnut is used to induce both of these mental states in the model) — all accompanied by soaring, Coldplay-esque music. I couldn’t believe my eyes. If only my ears could tell you of my excitement!

I shall pay more attention to the ears of my big ginger kitty, Bruno, now for what they can tell me of his inner life– though I’m pretty sure his ears have about three settings: eat, sleep, pimp self out for more food by showing fuzzy underbelly, eat.

Click here to see a video on Fashionista of real people testing out the ears.


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