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Wacky Shoe News

June 3, 2011 / 3 Comments

There have been some wonderful and wacky developments in the world of shoes lately, which I just had to share. Here are some of the latest designs to tickle or torture your tootsies.

As part of his Autumn 2011 collection, Christian Louboutin will debut his golden lion paw pump. Definitely purrr-fect for the catwalk.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d be able to prowl very gracefully in these…and that’s no lion!


Gotta have my Jimmy Cheese!

We’re all used to laying out a lot of bread for our shoe addictions, but not wearing it too!  Fashion student, Lisa Dillon from Bath Spa University near London, designed these mules out of stale bread and West Country cheddar as part of a competition to promote the region’s dairy industry. More melted and “molded” cheese makes up the embellishment on the toe of the shoes.

We can think of a better complementary accessory to Lady Gaga’s famed meat dress than these little numbers!

(Incidentally, another group of fashion students from Bath Spa University spent 1,000 hours making five dresses from one ton of British cheese.)


Lady Gaga was cock of the walk on American Idol in her black platforms with clear plastic penis heels by the British Label Void of Course.

Not sure how she got those by the censors and why she passed up the opportunity to pair them with her meat dress (yes, everything relates back to the meat dress).


I also read recently that the Company United Nude has created a DIY shoe that looks as uncomfortable and hard to assemble as Ikea furniture!

United Nude created the shoe as part of an art project about space travel and the possibility of humans living on the moon in the future. The shoe collapses for compact lunar travel and the upper parts are interchangeable for customizing.

Have you seen any pretty or preposterous pumps recently? Do tell– bare your sole!

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