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A Rave Review from Emma

March 8, 2013 / 0 Comments

Emma, the fabulous blogstress and fashionista behind Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, has posted a lovely review of Anna’s Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

She writes: In recent years – I’ve pretty much loved everything released by Anna but I’m going to go ahead and say the prints this Season are my favourite. They have taken my breath away – the dress [below] (in the Dandelion Print) is just unreal and completely beautiful.

I had the good fortune to see many of these dresses in the flesh last weekend at the BPSFW [British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend] event and they were spectacular. I always sit up and pay attention where Anna’s involved and one print in particular (which is like a magnificent, magical colour explosion) has wooed my heart completely:

Anna Scholz provides us with two designer ranges through her Black and White Label Collections. Every season – I feel grateful for Anna as a designer. I love that she provides something accessible through Simply Be – but also – I LOVE that she designs High End clothing with the best fabric, new prints and US in mind. We plus size girls DESERVE an indulgent, beautiful DESIGNER label like this.

Thank you, Emma, for your kind words. We loved the dress you helped to design for Simply Be! Emma, Laura and Lauren were asked to make their dream dresses (to debut in May) in collaboration with the Simply Be designers, buyers and garment technologists etc.  Read more about Emma’s design adventure here!

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