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Orso Major to Feature at Weekend Startup Showcase

March 21, 2013 / 0 Comments

On behalf of the online gallery Orso Major, the artwork of our very own sales and production manager, Darren Monaghan, will be on display at this weekend’s Startup Showcase at Somerset House (23rd and 24th March, 2013).

Sponsored by Doug Richard’s School for Creative Startups, this showcase is a two-day celebration of creative entrepreneurship in the UK. It includes a curated Marketplace featuring work from over 100 rising star startups in creative sectors from fashion and design to craft and fine art. Visitors will have the opportunity to shop and attend lectures and workshops.

Tryptique Cerulean Blue and Tryptique Down Pipe Grey by Darren Monaghan

Orso Major is an online gallery, which strives to bring affordable art by up-and-coming artists to one’s home or business. The Gallery offers limited edition photographs and prints, and a series of original charcoal drawings. “While we are an online gallery,” says Director, Gita Joshi, “we have plans for 2013 to mount exhibitions at various locations around London.”

Tryptique Lumo Lights and The Oblique Self by Darren Monaghan

Read more about the upcoming Startup Showcase here!

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