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Jammy Birthday, Anna!

April 15, 2013 / 0 Comments

We celebrated Anna’s birthday last week in style with an in-office party complete with yummy jammy dodgers from Bee’s Bakery.

Move over cupcakes, these handmade jammy dodgers are sure to become the next superstars of the baked goods world. Far from your usual jammy dodgers, these are extra-large and filled with whipped butter cream and raspberry jam. It’s like the taste of your childhood captured in one delicious biscuit—minus the staleness and the boredom of another tea at an aged auntie’s house. And best of all, you can customise these jammy dodgers with the words of your choice!

Bee’s Bakery also makes gorgeous custom cakes for all occasions as well as a number of other sweet treats. The Evening Standard recently named Bee’s among its top 5 biscuit makers in London!

We suggest you visit the Bee’s Bakery website and get in line for your jammy dodgers today!

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