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The First Rule of Fur Club Is…

April 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

Photographer and picture editor Tom Broadbent has set tongues and tails a-wagging with his photo series At Home With the Furries. On his blog, he describes “furries” as people that meet up, hang out, go for walks, chat online and in person – all in fur animal suits.

Most furries are animal lovers, but some just like to role-play or find wearing the fur exciting or fun. In the off-fur hours, the people inside the suits are seemingly ordinary folk– computer programmers, engineers, mortgage brokers, lecturers even fur suit makers.

“Over the course of a few years,” writes Broadbent, “I gained the trust of the furries in the UK and some of their members allowed me to visit them at home. These photographs were taken all over the country.” (The only homes where fur on the furniture isn’t a problem!)

The primary rule of being a furry is never to reveal your identity. So, as Broadbent says, “if you see any furries roaming around at a furry meeting or convention (outside of the designated fursuiters lounge) in suit but carrying their heads, they are not furries. Maybe a mascot on a tea break or something.”

See more of the At Home With The Furries series here!

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