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Anna Scholz is Part of the Next Big Thing

May 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

Anna was featured in an article which appeared in the Style magazine of  The Sunday Times last weekend. The piece, entitled “The Next Big Thing”, examines which current designers — Anna among them — are creating stylish and flattering plus-size ranges.

Plus-size model and blogger Bethany Rutter is continuously disappointed by what she finds in the high street shops. “When stores do make plus-size, they do it badly,” she says. “They make 70% of the garment the right way, then use a mandarin collar, say, rather than a slim one. They pander to the insecurities they think we have, and probably don’t realise they are helping to create them.”

Among those who do it right, The Sunday Times says Anna’s “maxidresses, prints and tailoring have been given a youthful twist this season.”

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