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Plus-Size Model Casting Call Has Amazing Number of Entries

May 11, 2013 / 0 Comments

Thousands of women have responded to a plus-size model casting call run by agency Models1 in partnership with the UK-based plus magazine, SLiNK. In fact, SLiNK’s editor, Rivkie Baum, says the volume of plus entries far exceeds those of the straight-size version of the competition. She feels this is a sign that women are rejecting previous beauty norms.

#MakeMeaModels1Curvy entrants

“Women of every size are getting more confident,” Baum said to Huffington Post UK. “They want to flaunt their curves rather than strive for a single body shape.” She also believes that the opportunities for a successful career as a plus model are getting better and better. “Curvy models are booking bigger and better campaigns all the time,” says Baum.

#MakeMeaModels1Curvy entrants

The competition has been deliberately run through social media. Entrants must upload a ‘selfie’ to Instagram using the hashtag #MakeMeaModels1Curvy. “It can be really intimidating to go into an agency,” Baum told HuffPost UK. “This comp allowed women to take their shots in their own time and environment, and be comfortable.”

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