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Anna Gets Chatted Up In Germany!

August 21, 2013 / 0 Comments

At the beginning of August, Anna was interviewed by Barbara Schöneberger on Germany’s super popular NDR talkshow. On the show, Anna discusses her love of fashion and style and how she came to create unique womenswear designs for curvy sizes 12-28 in London.

Her love of colour and daring dressing as well as the differences between German and English women with regards to plus-size fashion are just a few of the topics Anna delves into on the show. Through every collection she designs, Anna encourages real women to embrace their shapes and sensualities and to express themselves through vibrant and feminine prints.

Anna with talk show host, Barbara

From her office to home life, Anna gives viewers a glimpse into her current lifestyle: living in London and fulfilling her dream of creating sexy, fashionable clothes for curvy women. For the full talk show, click on video below (however, it is entirely in German).

Anna also took her mum to the show!

Before the episode aired, German newspaper Die Welt published an article on the upcoming show.

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