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La Farfa – Marshmellow girl

February 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

A Japanese fashion magazine La Farfa is trying to change the way the nation thinks about plus-sized Asian women. They’ve adopted the new term ‘’marshmellow girl’ as a positive description for larger women.  Asian and Asian-American women have recently begun speaking out about the pressure they face to live within the stereotype of being a thin, petite Asian girl, and it seems things are slowly changing.

La Farfa recently became the country’s first plus-sized fashion magazine, giving style and clothing advice to Asian ladies of plus size. Last year, they also threw the country’s first plus-size fashion show.

Now, La Farfa is trying to change the way Japanese women discuss their body types. In its most recent issue, the magazine featured plus-size model Goto Seina, labelling her “marshmallow girl.”

Seina and many Asian and plus size women find the term positive and empowering, but what’s you look on it? Is it the right label for plus size women?  Do you think it’s a positive or negative term?

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