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London Transport for Fashionista’s

March 17, 2014 / 0 Comments

This is one for all the Fashionista’s. The London Underground is many things, but I’m sure you’d agree fashionable isn’t a word we would’ve used to describe it. Until now.

Created by stylight, this map put’s a stylish spin on travel in London. Suddenly that dreaded commute to and from work doesn’t sound too bad. Running directly through London, the Central (Saint Martins) line will take you straight to the shopping haven that is WildFoxwood circus. Strut your stuff, on to the Conde northern line. Just think what would (Tyra) Bank do and turn heads with your fierce runway walk.

We are all heading to Jack Willesden Junction station right now, to take a fashionable journey home. TFL if you’re listening, please take some stylish notes from the Frow and re name the tube system.

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