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The Biggest Event of July..

July 25, 2009 / 0 Comments

… was the wedding of my dear friend Cliff to the beautiful Sharon. Cliff is not only one of my oldest friends, he is also my business partner.  Sharon looked gorgeous and the whole day was perfect and so romantic!

Anna Scholz Cliff's wedding

As you can see, the whole annascholz team and all our friends were there looking really fab and wonderful, dressed in annascholz designs, new and old.

Anna Scholz Cliff - The Wedding Dresses

Cliff’s and Sharon’s mothers were sporting outfits by yours truly and looked amazing. Also Cliff’s daughter, the lovely Layla, was wearing one of my favourite pieces from the Spring-Summer collection.

Anna Scholz Cliffs Wedding

It was a really wonderful day … so special that I even threw a few shapes on the dance floor! However, I have destroyed all photographic evidence of this…

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