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October: It Never Stops Being Busy!

October 29, 2009 / 0 Comments

Once one collection is finished,  sales appointments are completed and the sales are entered into our production system. Then fabrics get ordered according to the sales numbers and production is organized … then we start all over again for the next season: viewing new fabric collections, meeting print designers and searching through vintage markets for the ultimate find.

Excitement arrived in the office this month with two film crews on the same day! We filmed for one popular English TV programme (sorry, can’t say which one yet; they made me sign a non-disclosure agreement — very annoying). Then we filmed the same day for a German Spiegel TV programme, which aired on the 11th of October.

The German program was made in response to Brigitte Magazine’s (one of Germany’s most popular women’s magazines) decision not to use skinny models anymore, starting in 2010… This is a huge step and a reaction to their readers complaining about increasingly emaciated-looking models and unrealistic images of women. Whereas most magazines retouch models to make them look even thinner and trimmer, Brigitte had to Photoshop their models to look curvier and healthier!

I am still surprised about the huge press reaction Mark Fast got when he used three size 12-14 models at his London Fashion Week catwalk this season.  As if “bigger” models had never strutted their stuff before!

We certainly saw many new beautiful “plus size” models this month as we were casting for our Spring-Summer 2010 photo shoot. We picked Laura for the upcoming launch of our Black Label diffusion collection (more on this later).  We chose Vanessa and Andrea for our White Label photo shoot.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes…

October at Anna Scholz

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