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I Must Go Public with My Love for Art Republic!

February 23, 2010 / 0 Comments

Submitted by Penny Norman, Designer

I came across the Art Republic gallery in the North Lanes when I was a student in Brighton.  I used to spend hours there deciding which print would go on which wall in the dream house I would one day own! The gallery works with a host of my favourite artists including Dan Baldwin, Lidia De Pedro and  Simon Dixon.  It is a modern gallery with a wealth of fabulous artists.  Pieces are available at all price points, from signed works by Banksy to inexpensive posters by the lesser known.

Art Republic has expanded into a second gallery in London for me to frequent.  They also now have a scheme called “own art”; this allows one to spread the payment for pieces from the gallery over 10 months interest free…and you get to take the print home with you as soon as the deposit is paid.

I think this is a fab idea and a great way to allow a younger generation of art lovers to buy into and enjoy the arts, thus supporting the development and growth of exciting, new contemporary artists and their techniques.

The website makes even an art novice feel at home with its no-nonsense explanations of everything from printing techniques to different genres and art movements.

As they say on their own site, they take great pride in “demystifying art”!

Only last week I received the newest addition to my collection from Art Republic, delivered to my front door after the gallery framed it in the beautiful handmade Italian frame I chose from their huge selection.  It is called Autumn Girl by Dan Baldwin.

The website and the galleries are well worth a visit.

Online at you will also find a section called “artzine” which is an interesting and diverse directory of museums and galleries.

My only problem now is that my dream house is open plan and…I’M RUNNING OUT OF WALLS!!!!!!!!

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