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Crystal Shines in Vice Interview

March 19, 2010 / 0 Comments

Crystal Renn shows her many glittering facets in a recent interview with Christina Kelly for Vice magazine.  The 23-year-old plus size supermodel discusses her book, Hungry, her struggles with anorexia, her recent divorce and taking up the piano.

After she finally decided to stop starving herself for her modeling career, her life really took off. She immediately felt physically better and threw herself into the plus size modeling circuit. Crystal describes in Vice:

I moved into the Ford apartment and I was the first plus-size model to ever do that. It felt special that they allowed me to do that. I was like, I am still a model, it doesn’t matter what size I am. At a shoot, someone hired me who knew me back in the day when I was really sick. She said, “Wow, you look different! You look healthy, you look happy, what happened to you? Because before, it was disturbing to look at you. You looked faraway, lost, and ill. What is the change?” I remember thinking, OK, do I tell her the truth or do I lie? I decided at that moment that I have nothing to lose. She talked to someone at Teen Vogue and Glamour, and next thing you know I decided to tell my story to both of those magazines.

We think this photo from the interview is amazing!

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