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March Customer Photo Contestant: Sanne Graven

March 9, 2010 / 1 Comment

Sanne Graven from the Netherlands shared her incredible story of survival and triumph over adversity with us:

Sanne performing with her band

“I am 39 years-old,” Sanne wrote. “I’ve had breast cancer for 6 years now, also in my bones and brains. I’m very lucky I’m alive. I still do many things I love.”

Last year Sanne created a foundation called Cancer & Talent. The purpose of the foundation, Sanne explains, is to give cancer patients the space and possibilities to use their own talents to feel their lifepower again, to help them feel alive. A survivor’s talent can be anything: organising, feeding animals or artistic expression– however they wish to express themselves.

The above photos are of Sanne at the Cancer & Talent kickoff in April of 2009. She created a band called Sanne en de Manne (Sanne and the Men). She took singing lessons and sung 8 of her favourite numbers. She wore two different dresses by Anna Scholz during her performance. “It was fantastic!” describes Sanne.

To read more about Sanne’s amazing organisation, visit:

One Comment

  • Marijke van der Zand
    January 31, 2022 at 23:47

    It’s 2022 an I still miss my best friend Sanne. She died at 40 in 2010. She was very special.

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