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Great Style Tips From Amy at Madison Plus

May 3, 2012 / 0 Comments

Our friend Aimee Cheshire is featured in the May issue of MORE Magazine. Aimee is the founder of the successful retail website and blog, Madison Plus.

As a businesswoman and fashion expert, Aimee shares some great tips for dressing your curves. Here are a few highlights:

Get Your Clothes Tailored. A good seamstress can make alterations exactly where you need them most. Hem skirts and dresses to fall at the slimmest part of your leg (which is never mid calf). Hem wide-leg pants a little on the long side, to lengthen your leg.

Adjust Your Purse Strap. Don’t let your bag hit you at the widest part of your body (for many of us its our hips). That will only add girth. Instead, let it fall to waist height or just above. Either buy bags with adjustable straps or have the bag professionally altered.

Play With Proportions. Loose clothes on top and bottom will drown out your figure. Pair one piece that’s generously cut with a snugger mate; for example, a wide leg pant with a more fitted blouse, or skinny jeans with a tunic top

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