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Seeing Double

December 25, 2011 / 0 Comments

We spend so much time at work, it’s inevitable that our style rubs off on and gets influenced by our colleagues. You know how it goes: you admire and copy a dress a co-worker wears; or you both happen upon the same website that’s having an amazing sale and decide to combine your orders to save on shipping…well, it’s certainly happend to us here at Anna Scholz.

Plus, we all have such fun wearing Anna’s great clothes that — more than once– two people have the exact same flash of outfit inspiration and …voilĂ ! Double trouble!

Winnie and Anna sporting check print jersey

We happened upon this amusing tumblr called I Like Looking Like Other People (though that title doesn’t really seem to hit the mark of this particular phenomenon) which documents cases of co-workers caught wearing the same ensembles. These photos are a hoot, because you can feel the closeness between the people and it’s funny to see all of their work environments in the backgrounds.

Has this happened to you? See more twin photos!

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