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A Negative Day for the Plus Market: Harrods Closes Its Plus-Size Department

August 6, 2010 / 21 Comments

Starting this month, Harrods department store is closing its plus-size clothing department.  It is a sad day indeed.  Harrods was the last upscale department store in London to carry designer plus-size womenswear of a quality and calibre that many curvy women had come to rely on.

It’s sad for Anna Scholz as a company, of course. We have enjoyed doing business with Harrods for the past 12 years.  Our collections have always sold extremely well there too. There obviously is a huge demand. So who decided to close the doors to many curvy shoppers?

But this shut-down is also a sad comment on retailers’ priorities. With Selfriges having closed its plus department several years ago, and now Harrods doing the same, I am wondering if our high-end department stores don’t value their plus-size customer. It seems like madness to exclude 47% of the population from the opportunity to spend money in your store. This customer not only buys clothes but accessories, perfume, cosmetics…take away clothes and you alienate them on all levels. Every woman deserves to have choice and to dress fashionably!

Harrods Puts the Red Light on Retail for Curvy Shoppers

With the rise of curvy models in the media, we are moving a step up. It’s strange, then, that exactly at this time our shopping options are becoming even more limited.

In the meantime, support the shops that are standing firm and catering to your size or visit my web shop at


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