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A Bouquet For The Season.

December 17, 2010 / 6 Comments

We love these stylish and unique gift bouquets by Bouquet Bouquet with a range of Baby Bouquet’s, House Warming bouquet’s and Gardening Bouquet’s with gift’s rolled individually and placed to look like a bouquet of flowers.

The Gardening Bouquet contains a gardening apron, gardening gloves, welly socks, microfibre cloths and tea towels in a useful metal bucket whilst the House Warming Bouquet is made up of  rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, dusters and teatowels all rolled to look like a bunch of flowers as well as a jolly seed marker in a pretty pink aluminium bucket. Guaranteed to make any gift receiver smile!

Why not try it out yourself, making your very own personalised fashion bouquet with scarves, gloves, socks, underwear, clothing and umbrella’s to gift your loved ones this season, unique to their taste!

Anna Scholz and the team will definately be giving the creative bouquet a go this Christmas!!

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