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Sizing Up Britain – Taking the guess-work out of fit

June 12, 2014 / 0 Comments

One of our favourite commentators on all sorts of body issues Caryn Franklin,  is launching a new national campaign,  ‘Sizing up Britain – The Future of Fit.’ This innovative idea will empower shoppers and retailers with the use of body-mapping technology.

The national campaign will be introducing technology that addresses the issue,  (not to mention frustration) of inconsistent store sizing and help us to find fashion that works with our individual shape. Partnering up with Bodymetrics a 3D body-mapping scanner, it will record over 200 measurements of a woman’s body shape, providing “size matched garments” straight to their smart phone via an exclusive app.

This brand new sizing technology will allow retailers to match customers body shapes with their  forthcoming collections. One of the initiative’s aims will be to increase customer satisfaction as shoppers are more confident of receiving an item that fits and flatters.

In an open letter to retailers and shopping centres Caryn Franklin was quoted as saying: “I know that shoppers, especially women, are crying out for a more effective and enjoyable shopping experience when they visit your retail outlet.

“Yes wonderful clothes, exciting designs colours and textures await her, all thoughtfully merchandised and styled, in a harmonious and carefully considered environment by you, but sizing and body variables complicate the process of choosing a garment for nearly all women.”

We say ‘well done’ Caryn and we are looking forward to seeing the positive results of this exciting campaign.

You can get more information here

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