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Beth Ditto’s Autobiography Coming Soon…and That’s Not Just Gossip!

March 8, 2010 / 0 Comments

We’re very excited about Beth Ditto’s upcoming autobiography, Coal to Diamonds.  Published by Simon & Schuster, it’s due to hit shelves this autumn.

Beth is the super-cool frontwoman for The Gossip and the idol of plus size women everywhere!  She is talented, intelligent, original and fearless with fashion!

“As a 5 foot, 15 stone gay singer, Beth was never going to be ignored,” describes an introductory blurb on, “but her talent plus her exuberant opinions have made her a heroine for the alternative music scene.” continues, “Beth grew up in the Bible-belt town of Searcy, Arkansas as the middle child of seven. She says they were a classic trailer-park family, ‘crazy poor’, who sometimes shot and ate squirrels for entertainment. Beth realised she wasn’t cut out for a life of ‘teenage pregnancy or crystal meth addiction’, and after years of being bullied for being fat and loud, she managed to get away to Olympia, Washington State, where she immediately found like-minded people. It was this move that opened her eyes to another way of living – one where you were not judged for how you looked, but who you were, and where your talents were encouraged. COAL INTO DIAMONDS tells the full story of Beth’s journey to success and fulfilment. She has never forgotten how it is to be an outsider and shares her homespun wisdom as well as many wonderful stories of her misspent youth before her song ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ became an anthem for alternative music fans the world over.”

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