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Hot to Trot!

May 12, 2010 / 0 Comments

I’m loving this new website called If Shoes Could Kill documenting some of the more outrageous shoe designs out there. Some are amazing works of art, some are amusing and some are just plain wrong.

Here are a few choice entries in this entertaining addition to the world of fashion websites.


“Life is full of tough choices,” the commentary reads.

“Do you get a hamster so it can live a life of joy and happiness with its little wheel and wood chips and slurpy vertical water bottle in a cage?

Or do you get a hamster so you can put it in your shoe and give it a concussion with every step you take?”

These flip flops are for “When You Want to Feel Like You Are Eating Donuts in the Park”.

Not sure if these really work as footwear, but you’d definitely be popular!

If Shoes Could Kill is brought to you by the same brilliant people who do the Lolcats website and FAIL Blog.

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