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Vol.Up.2 Brings the Zest

October 4, 2012 / 0 Comments

The latest issue of the online magazine Vol.Up.2 is out now, featuring several pieces from Anna’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection.

Vol.Up.2 is published by Velvet d’Amour, who is the Editor, Creator, Art Director and Photographer (as well as being a good friend of Anna’s). The theme of this edition of the magazine is “ZEST”. The numerous editorials in the magazine celebrate not only the sex appeal of the curvier figure, but all kinds beauty in non-“mainstream” packaging. “And that’s what ZEST is all about for me, Energy, Spirit, Vitality, Color and Force!” says d’Amour. “It can’t be defined in a black and white manner it’s more interpretive”.

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