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Meet The Team

May 18, 2015 / 0 Comments


Anna – CEO

Needs no real introduction! She’s the creative wizard behind the company that bears her name. She designs the clothes that curvy women everywhere love to wear. Regularly treats the office to ice cream in the summertime and cannot keep a secret.

Cliff – Managing Director

Anna’s business partner and all-around go-to man for the whole team. He deals with big picture issues as well as all the little things that go into making a business run. Usually has so many balls in the air at one time, he could join the circus… and frequently threatens to.

Darren – Sales and Production Manager

He shows the collections to our wholesale customers in London and New York. He’s also responsible for ordering all the components that make up the garments from fabric to care labels. He oversees the workmanship and allocation of all the garments each season, he is also a whiz at shipping the wholesale orders and all that lovely paperwork. Codename: “Buttons” or “A man who wears so many hats on the job, it’s a shame he only has one head!”

Jackie – Accounts Manager

Keeps the books with an eidetic memory. We tease her for her orderliness but depend upon it. Along with the business accounts she takes care of numerous things that keep our office afloat on a daily basis. Has a diverse love of music but an aversion to misplaced apostrophes.

Michaela – Web Shop Manager and Copywriter

She handles the fulfilment of online orders and customer service issues. She also edits the company blog and writes all the copy for the website and the weekly e-mails. The youngest of the team, Michaela loves to blog about all things fashion and her eclectic but trendy style.

Steffi – Pattern Cutter

She makes the designs happen in 3-D. She creates the patterns that turn the design drawings into actual garments and translates all the alterations from fit meetings into clothes that fit just so. She also manages our sample machinists and our work placement program. A keen eye for detail decorated with adorable red retro specs.

Liz – Digital/Fashion Designer

She designs and sends out our weekly e-mail newsletters and all our digital designs. She also works with Anna on clothing designs, specialising in creating unique prints. Waiting for shopping to be declared an official Olympic sport.

Frida – Office Bitch

Anna’s pooch and beloved office mascot. She warns off intruders as well as people she sees, like, every day. She keeps the floor clear of food droppings, fetches squeaky toys and keeps delivery people in line. She also attends most meetings. Thinks every design needs more r-r-ruff-les!

Other invaluable members of our team include: Yukiko Ode, pattern cutter; Michael Callaghan & Con Pellecchia, sample machinists; Ann Mullins, fit model and several lovely and helpful interns.

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