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What Does Healthy Look Like?

August 20, 2015 / 2 Comments

Recently Anna has started to write a  column in SLINK magazine. The column is called ‘ Anna’s kitchen ‘ and in it she shares some of her favourite recipes. She also features her training partner Clifton from Enlite Fitness putting her through her daily exercise routine The collaboration between Anna and Slink magazine was developed when Anna received such a great reaction when posting pictures of the meals that she had cooked on her Instagram page.In addition to the column Anna wanted to show everyone how to prepare her recipes , and so with the help of Rivkie from Slink , Anna put together a little video that you can watch here.

A few weeks ago to promote her new column, Anna sponsored a press event and panel discussion at The Century Club in the heart of London’s West End for an exchange of views and opinions regarding health, fitness and nutrition. The question that got the evenings proceedings underway and sparked a lively debate was ‘what does healthy look like?’ The health debate for people of size is a question that is raised continuously. Plus sized people are often stereotyped as lazy and unhealthy with poor lifestyle choices .

In addition to Anna , the panel of speakers included, Rivkie Baum the Editor of SLiNK magazine, Hayley Jarvis Community Programmes Manager of the Charity Mind, Thandi Ejindu Fitness Blogger & Film Maker, Paul Cheesman A Personal Trainer, Bryony Gordon – Daily Telegraph columnist & interviewer and Louise Boyce Plus Model & Model Agent for Milk Model Agency.

One of the evenings topics was ‘When health, nutrition and  fitness  is discussed in the media the end goal is always weight loss ‘  It was mentioned that with weight loss as the ultimate target rather that health and fitness , Many plus size people , especially women suffer from body image guilt trips and feelings of failure when weight loss goals aren’t met. This often leads to people giving up the process of health and fitness or not even starting to engage. Anna and Slink magazine aim to refocus the attention of the idea that health is important for all and something everyone no matter their size or weight needs to be activity engaged in.’

The event was videoed and you can watch it below. We really hope you enjoy the discussion and hope that the issues raised leave you with food for thought . Please join in the discussion below and let us know your opinions.









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