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Anna’s kitchen – Pimp your salad

July 18, 2017 / 0 Comments

annas kitchen 1

You can now enjoy the latest edition of Anna’s kitchen in the new issue of Slink magazine.

I feel very passionate about nutrition, but get easily bored eating the same thing over and over, so I am trying to be creative with my salads. It’s the perfect summer lunch and an easy way to get some greens and protein into your diet. I always feel really sluggish if I eat a very carb rich lunch, so if you don’t want to feel the post lunch energy low, my advice would be to keep it relatively light.


annas kitchen 2

Eating well means being fairly organized, and I think that is where most of us struggle. Food prep!

My favourite advice has been ‘ Cook once, eat twice’ , which means always make a little more and use the leftovers to pimp up your lunch the next day.

Care to share your favourite recipes?

Love Anna

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