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How to Look Great Semi-Naked

October 13, 2012 / 0 Comments

Finding the perfect dress is a snap, thanks to Anna Scholz (wink wink)! But having the right underwear under there helps to make an outfit look that much more spectacular.

The Plus Size Tall blog recently posted some very useful guidelines on choosing the right lingerie for the curvier figure. Many lingerie websites have very helpful tips and size guides. It is also worth going into a store to be fitted properly.

*Your bra size is found by measuring under your bust where the under band sits. If the measurement comes out as an odd number then round up. Your cup size is determined by measuring where your bust is fullest and then subtracting from under the under band size. The difference equals your cup size: 1 inch difference — A Cup, 2 inches — B Cup and on up.

*The back of the bra should fit straight across your back and the middle of the bra should sit flat between your breasts. The straps should be supportive without digging in, and the bust should not bulge out of the cups.

*It is important to work with your boob shape as well as your bust size in order to select the style that best supports your shape. For example, if your boobs are fuller at the bottom then your bust line is likely to be low and will require extra support. In this case, you might want to try a balconette bra as it lifts the bust and has wider straps for extra support.

*Think about the garment you are wearing and what look you want to achieve. For example, if you want to create extra cleavage and/or hide the top of your bra under a low cut top, a plunge bra is a good choice.

*Be sure to buy knickers that fit you properly too. Your size may vary across different brands. Also, the right fabric is important. You don’t want to wear knickers that are too flimsy or too heavy and bulky. Choose cotton or silky fabrics that are comfortable and support you where you want it. Different styles of knickers will support different parts of the body. If you are apple shaped, high-waisted knickers that use flattering panels are great.

*But most of all, you should choose lingerie that makes you feel great. That will certainly translate through whatever you are wearing!

Read more at Plus Size Tall.

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