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What’s in your bag?

June 15, 2015 / 1 Comment

You won’t be surprised to see the following pictures showing the contents of women’s handbags. To some men, a woman’s hand bag is a scary and mysterious place, which seems to have endless room for all manner of items , just like Mary Poppins magic bag.

As the pictures show not only are the essentials for the day ahead slung in, but the average woman is carrying around a whole lot more.

Women seem to be prepared for near enough every scenario, from unexpected weather conditions to impromptu dinner dates, those quick make up fixes, sudden fashion disasters, aliens landing on the planet, staving off moments of severe boredom and those sudden 4pm hunger pangs (yes we all have them).

I’m sure as you’re taking a sneaky peak in to your handbag as you read this to see if you, yes you are carrying around everything but the kitchen sink. I am watching the ladies at Anna Scholz take a look at theirs now ( I checked mine earlier !)

Do any of the pictures below match up with the contents of your bag ? Do you carry any unusual items in case of emergency that you are happy to share with us ? Why not send us a photo of what’s in your bag.


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whats in your handbag




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