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March 24, 2017 / 3 Comments

leather bomber jackets BLOG

Anna Scholz Silver Leather jacket

I wanted to talk about something that frustrates me on a regular basis – the constant negative comments on social media about the price of my clothes.

This isn’t the case for everyone of course. Over the years we have created an appreciative customer base who love my clothes for what they are – well fitting, originally designed garments of the highest quality.

Anna Scholz is a plus size DESIGNER label.

Let’s take that in for a moment.  A designer label.  We produce a small number of garments per style, quality over quantity. Big high-street chains will make thousands of each garment in cheap fabrics and be offered huge discounts for producing such large numbers, so can offer cheaper prices. Also bear in mind that plus size garments use up about x 1.5 as much fabric compared to straight size and that we spend double as much in grading costs to make all the different size patterns.

Even when we explain every cost involved in creating a designer garment some women still shout that they want the original Anna Scholz brand with an Evans price tag.

I would also like to drive a Porsche, but pay for a Ford.

silk prints BLOG

Anna Scholz printed Silk Dresses

I am always astonished at how much anger and resentment we face when we release new styles which women clearly desire, but then seem to feel that the prices are almost a personal insult and therefore feel free to leave rude and spiteful comments.

I may not have the budget for a Gucci handbag, but I appreciate its design, beauty and craftsmanship and after admiring  the bag, I move on to find something in a price category that I can afford. I would never verbally attack any of the premium labels nor question their ethos, I simply enjoy their existence.

So where does the anger come from?

How about being positive and motivating, instead of leaving comments that you feel ‘insulted’ by the price or that your grandma wouldn’t wear it. Just let me know what you would actually like to buy and we will see if we can produce it?

I’ve always wanted to offer the curvier woman the option of wearing designer, high-quality clothes that I never had growing up. I would watch my mother swirling around in happiness in her YSL dresses, Pucci colourful kaftans and  Dolce & Gabbana dresses and was saddened knowing there was nothing as wonderful for me.

For the smaller sized woman there is a huge of choice of designer labels that there just isn’t for the plus-sized woman. Now I also know that not everyone can afford my clothes but how amazing is it that there is the option for curvy to women get different choices!

We have been neglected by the fashion industry for so many years. At the beginning of my career I was faced with so many prejudices from buyers with one of the worst comments being ‘ well fat women don’t care about clothes or the way they look, otherwise they wouldn’t be fat’ !!!

We have created such a great plus size online community. So let’s not complain but support each other and support small independent companies, because otherwise they won’t exist.

For the customers that can’t or don’t want to indulge in our price tag,  I have worked with several catalogue companies over the years including Simply Be and Sheego in order to offer diffusion collections with a lower price point.

So how expensive are we really?

Here are a few comparisons I have put together of designer clothes against my own prices just to show that in the great scheme of things, we’re not anywhere near as expensive…

Let’s look at something casual first, like denim

denim BLOG

Anna Scholz Plus Size Designer Denim

Or a simple black dress

black dresses BLOG

Anna Scholz Plus Size Designer Little Black Dresses

I will continue to be the designer of a designer label – I don’t want to compromise on quality, luxury or workmanship as I truly believe that all women should have the choice to buy designer clothing.

Don’t wait until you have lost those 10 pounds, or until next year, embrace and celebrate yourself as you are right now.

Love and Peace

Anna x


  • Sharon
    March 24, 2017 at 20:03

    You got it right with the ’10 pounds’ comment. Too many plus size women think they need to wait to lose the weight before buying good clothes. Live for today, you’ll feel better in better cut clothes.

  • Sharon
    March 24, 2017 at 20:04

    You got it right with the \’10 pounds\’ comment. Too many plus size women think they need to wait to lose the weight before buying good clothes. Live for today, you\’ll feel better in better cut clothes.

  • Lesley
    May 21, 2017 at 14:29

    I wonder if the complaint is really about a lack of fashionable well made clothing at various price points for larger women and you are just inappropriately copping it? . It is frustrating to try and dress yourself in a world that would rather ignore a huge section of the population. But guess what? , we exist, we work, and we need beautiful clothes just as much as the average size 10 woman. I for one am really happy you exist as a designer option.. the pickings elsewhere, although they have somewhat improved over recent years, are meagre. I am tired of retailers in general offering nothing of quality or that is fashion forward to the larger woman. As a result of not being able to find suitable workwear for instance I have taken to having my suits and work shirts made at great expense by men’s tailors. They are worth every penny as they fit like a dream and make me feel so confident when wearing them. Please ignore these people Anna, you have done the right thing by giving them catalogue options. If you want a suggestion of what I would like to buy, could I suggest well made tailored work separates, they are rare as hens teeth in plus sized retail.

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