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Rakuten FitsMe Launch at the Tate Modern

November 1, 2017 / 1 Comment

Last night I attended the RakutenFitsMe Launch with the lovely Emma Hayes ( formerly of Emma Plus in Brighton who sold our collection for many years).

By the way we didn’t plan to be both wearing annascholz leopard print 🙂

annascholz leopard knit dress


RakutenFitsme, is a global provider of fit recommendation technology, announces the launch of Fit Match – the ultimate clothing search tool, providing online shoppers with the confidence their purchases will fit their specific body shape.

I found the evening fascinating and enlightening but whilst their statistics impressed me, I am still doubtful if they have all the data in place to service the plus size market.

For me it has always been creating the best fit possible for a variety of body shapes, and I know just how unique my customers are.

Rakuten’s data relies on one inputting your age, height, weight, body shape and bra size.


Now ladies, I would like to know from you how many of you would be happy to enter their weight (even if confidential) on any website? How many of you even know how much you weigh?

I am very happy with my size, but even I still felt hesitant about entering my weight, in order to be then told which garments would fit me.




Alexandra Shulman ( ex-editor of British Vogue ) was the keynote speaker last night,

and although I expected her to be eloquent and fascinating, she still managed to delight me with her passion about diversity and size.

“I was discouraged by the lack of body diversity within the fashion industry” Alexandra Shulman speaks at the #FitMatchLaunch

She shared with us that she sent a letter to all major design houses while she was at Vogue asking them to make samples in a variety of sizes, so that she could photograph artists, actresses, scientists etc. who did not fit the sample size of current collections, but unfortunately none of the labels supplied her with her request..


“How helpful would it be to ditch the notion of size ( and the emotional attachment to it) and focus more on fit”.

‘Fit’ means that the clothing has to match you, instead of you desperately trying to match to a certain size – @AShulman2 #FitMatchLaunch


As I said, I enjoyed the evening so much and RakutenFitsMe left one statistic with me that I find hard to forget.

‘80% of customers wouldn’t shop again if they returned their 1st order’


Is that how you shop? What do you dislike about online shopping?

What can we do to make your shopping experience more enjoyable?


I would love to hear from you.

Much love



One Comment

  • Sara Litchfield-Pratt
    January 24, 2018 at 18:20

    What an interesting article. I’m not sure how I would feel about entering my weight to find out my dress size. As you know I love your clothes and they fit very well. I have dropped a couple of sizes so found a tailor who could alter my larger sized dress as I believe you’re dresses should still be enjoyed.

    I think I might not buy from someone I bought from before if the item I’d bought didn’t fit well as I would worry about the next garment fitting. I also have my favourites for clothes, You for dresses. James Jeans and NYDJ for jeans, Marina Rinaldi for coats and jackets and classics, Pure Collection for cashmere jumpers and cardigans. Duo Boots for amazing calf sized boots, A few things very occasionally from Beige Plus and Navabi.

    I hate clothes shopping as a plus size woman it always feels like a mission and you know you’ll be disappointed. So I stick to my favourite shops.

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