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Erasing August :(

August 30, 2009 / 0 Comments

August was a month I would like to forget/ delete/erase personally.

I spent 3 weeks in hospital with pancreatitis and had my gallbladder removed.  It was hideous and painful, boring and dull — and very un-inspirational (although I did consider providing them with prettier hospital gowns!). Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the lovely nurses at the Princess Grace Hospital who made me smile when I didn’t feel like it.
And also special thanks to my ever-so-frequent visitors: Mum, Bailey, Cliff, Lucille and Flora.

It took me another 3 weeks to recuperate which was slightly better as I was at home.  Being disconnected from drips and feeds was just so much nicer. PPHHEEWWHH! 6 weeks out of the office and the world is still turning.
My lovely team looked after everything efficiently (another BIG THANKS!) and now I am back.

Darren took our lovely new collection to Copenhagen to exhibit at CIFF which turned out to be a good start into the Scandinavian market

Anna Scholz in Copenhagen

Our London showroom was fully booked with appointments for the Spring-Summer 2010 collection.  Our colourful print-laden collection is being very well received. We have introduced our WONDERLAND Autumn-Winter ’09 collection to the online shop. So, girls, are you ready to shop?

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