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AW10 Collection Sample Madness

December 15, 2009 / 0 Comments

We’ve been very busy at the studio this month.  We had a lot of patterns and samples to finish and to send off to China before the holidays. Since the folks in China don’t close over X-mas, we needed to use this vital time to get our sample collection for Autumn-Winter 2010 ready. There are only 5 weeks left after X-mas to finish the whole collection before our trade shows in February. Time is getting tight!

The girls in the office like to put ghastly tinsel all over the office and wear stupid X-mas hats– simply to annoy me, I suspect, as it is just so unstylish. Haha!  But I do like our Secret Santa tradition (even though it’s never much of a secret).

Christmas at Anna Scholz

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